24 March, 2010


sakura II
sakura III
sakura IV
sakura V
para-para sakura... stop it!
i hate that dance ; P
anyway i love sakura ; ) this is the malaysia version of sakura!
anyone go to Putrajaya... go search for this tree...
if u lucky enough, u will find this tree full wit flowers !
hahaha...pass by this tree just now... all the flowers were gone...
anyway this is the 161 post after 2 1/2 years blogging... yay ; )
(listening to Menyesal by Ressa Herlambang...)


小嗄♥ said...

wow...unbelievable..so nice,
nice photo
nice capture

will visit always ;)
keep in touch.

yong said...

小嗄♥: thanks for the visit ;) good day !